TT circulation

Today's Trustee prefers to position itself as a forum for the retirement-fund industry rather than as a part of the financial-media mainstream. But it isn’t for this reason alone that we don’t have a circulation certificate from the Audit Bureau of Circulations and don’t intend to apply for one.

Our view, from experience, is that ABC figures can be vulnerable to distortion and are not necessarily comparable. Instead, we offer a fail-safe method to prove our circulation.

Any person wanting to validate our circulation is invited to view our database at the Sandton offices of independent database manager Introye Corporation. We are also prepared, on request, to submit copies of our SA Post Office proof-of-payment documents which reflect the number of TT copies mailed for respective editions.

As an example, for our edition dated March-May 2017 there were 12 563 hard copies of the magazine distributed individually through the post to our unique database.

All those for whom we have email addresses on our database, in addition to other interested parties, receive some 11 000 copies electronically. This ‘flipper’ version enables recipients to view, and to forward as they wish, the full contents of the publication in magazine format on their computers and tablets. Social-media links are provided to extend communications.

Further to be noted is that, on average, around 750 hard copies of each edition are regularly distributed to delegates at various retirement-fund conferences, seminars and training workshops. Electronic versions are also made available through Batseta and other platforms.

Allan Greenblo
February 21 2017