About the publication Today’s Trustee (TT)

General background

TT, now in its 14th year of operation, is a quarterly publication. It is independently owned and run by Allan Greenblo, formerly the managing director of BDFM (proprietor of Business Day and Financial Mail) and editor of Finance Week.

Editorial content

The publication is tightly niched for principal officers and trustees of retirement funds. Editorials are designed to enhance awareness and stimulate thought on topical (and often controversial) policy issues pertinent to them. There is also content of a primarily educational nature, consistent with objectives of the Financial Sector Charter to which financial institutions (including asset managers) are signatories.


Our database of principal officers and trustees is unique. It is the most comprehensive in existence and is continuously updated.

At present it comprises over 12 500 individual names and details (fund names, postal addresses etc) of these retirement fund officers. It includes over 10 000 email addresses. There are also records for approximately 1 000 other industry players, notably service providers such as asset managers and fund administrators.


Hard copies of the magazine are distributed through the post directly to each individual on our database. This is without charge to principal officers and trustees.

In addition, the electronic version is distributed to all those for whom we have email addresses.

Our print order is regularly around 13 500 copies. After postage to our database, the balance is distributed at training workshops and conferences. Largest amongst these is the Batseta Council for Retirement Funds of SA.

Imminent transaction

The shareholding in Today’s Trustee Publishing (Pty) Ltd is about to be restructured for the inclusion of two new shareholders, the ASISA Foundation (http://www.asisa.org.za) and Alternative Prosperity (http://www.alternativeprosperity.com). They and the TT founder will hold shares in equal proportion. The intention is to expand considerably the company’s reach and services under the independent TT brand. Further details will be announced in due course.

AGG, 15 June 2017.