Edition: June / Aug 2017



Old Mutual Investment Group is a leading African investment manager offering a full range of investment capabilities, spanning the listed and unlisted universe. We are committed to delivering market-beating returns in a socially responsible and sustainable manner – a commitment that is enshrined in our Investment Partnership agreements with our investment boutiques.

We are focused on being a responsible steward of the assets we manage and benefiting the communities in which we invest.


Old Mutual Investment Group’s commitment to responsible investment (RI) is founded on an understanding of the growing sustainability trend and its potential to impact the competitive landscape across sectors. Consequently, we believe that incorporating the consideration of relevant material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment and ownership decisions is aligned with the pursuit of superior long-term risk-adjusted returns for our beneficiaries, clients and society at large. Across Old Mutual Investment Group, we are focused on driving progress in the following two areas:

Embedding the appropriate mechanisms to incorporate the consideration of material ESG risks and opportunities into our investment and ownership practices across all asset classes in a manner consistent with our duties to clients. We see this as central to the delivery of our professional client service.
Offering our clients access to a world-class suite of green economy investment capabilities. We see a growing opportunity to invest in socially inclusive, resource-efficient and low carbon growth assets. Our efforts in RI form an important component in enabling the broader Old Mutual Responsible Business programme, which is focused on unlocking shared value opportunities across our business. This programme is central to our Group goal of enabling positive futures. Our business has a boutique operating structure, which means the individual boutiques each have their own approach to RI that is aligned with their specific asset class and investment philosophy.


Our investment capabilities are managed by a range of independent investment boutiques, each focusing on its own specialist investment area. Each boutique has its own unique philosophy, proprietary research capability and robust investment process. This gives our investment boutiques the autonomy and focus required to deliver what is expected of them consistently over the long term. And it gives our clients a single point of access to world-class, specialist expertise in a comprehensive range of investment capabilities. As an awarding-winning pan-African investor, we are dedicated to implementing RI practices across our boutiques. In respect of this application across our business, we recognise:

the responsibility of boutiques to adhere to their client mandates; and
each boutique has its own indepenadent investment philosophy, style and asset class speciality, and hence the approach to RI commitment will vary from boutique to boutique.