Edition: December 2015 / February 2016


Awards winner

NJMPF takes pride in the acknowledgements of its service to members.

At the Natal Joint Municipal Pension/KwaZulu-Natal Joint Municipal Provident Funds (NJMPF), we strive to help our members reach their retirement goals. We do this through prudent investment strategies that have resulted in strong investment performance in recent years. The good investment performance has resulted in improved benefits for our members and pensioners over the past five years, for example:

  • Our Superannuation Fund benefits have improved by 78%. This means we have been able to provide pension increases of 36.59% plus bonuses/13th cheques of 41.65%;
  • Our Retirement Fund benefits have improved by 65% and we have been able to give pension increases of 39.97% and bonuses/13th cheques of 24.99%.
  • The NJMPF in 2015 provided benefits totalling 22.73% to pensioners, which consisted of a 14.40% increase as well as a 13th cheque of 8.33%.
  • Our Provident Fund is consistently ranked in the top quartile because of the good investment performance. This makes our Provident Fund one of the country’s top investment managers. In the Provident Fund, if you had invested an amount of R1m in the year 2000, your investment earnings would have increased significantly by eightfold, to be worth more than R 8.5m (after costs) in the year 2015.

We want to better the lives of our members and provide them with dignity during their retirement years. Our mission is to serve the best interests of members by ensuring a high standard of retirement funding services and to provide financial security.

Our AAA score with the Institute of Directors and clean audit reports from the Auditor-General for more than a decade are testimony to our dedication to sound financial and administration systems. The NJMPF’s good governance and clean audits build trust and confidence.

The Fund also invests resources into educating members on financial literacy. Over the years we have been able to collaborate with a variety of institutions, including the Financial Services Board, with the idea of enhancing the level of financial knowledge for our stakeholders. We aim to promote financial literacy education as part of the national campaign.

Due to these sound financial practices, the Fund has received multiple recognitions from retirement fund institutions, such as the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA), in the following areas:

  • Communications awards in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015;
  • Trophy/Industry winner for Investment Performance and Merit Certificate for SRI and ESG in 2014;
  • Trophy/Industry winner for excellence in Trustee Development from the IRFA in 2015;
  • Merit certificate for Trustee Training at nomination stage from the IRFA in 2015;
  • Merit certificate for Treating Customers Fairly: Internal Training from IRFA in 2015;
  • Merit certificate for Excellence in Alignment of Previously Disadvantaged Fund to the Previously Advantaged Fund in 2015; and
  • Legal and Technical Compliance awards from the IRFA in 2013 and 2014.

In 2015 we also received awards from the Batseta Council of Retirement Funds in the following categories:

  • Trophy/Industry winner for Financial Control; and
  • Trophy/Industry winner for Financial Knowledge and Understanding.

The NJMPF was declared the winner of the “African Pension Fund Initiative of the Year” at the prestigious Africa Investor Capital Market Index Series Awards held in New York.

Cheryl Ward (COO), Sam Camilleri (CEO),
Bongi Mkhize (CFO)

These awards are based on the Africa Investor Index Series. They are designed to recognise Africa’s best-performing stock exchanges, listed companies, investment banks, research teams, regulators, socially responsible companies and fund managers. The awards were presented at the leading international investment and communications group Africa Investor Summit during September 2015, a unique African Capital Markets event.

It is truly a great achievement for KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa for the NJMPF to have been selected as the success story to showcase to the global investment community.

The Fund was among excellent company: some of the supporting partners for the event include the New York Stock Exchange, World Bank, Thompson Reuters, Office of the Special Advisor on Africa and the World Pension Council. Also in attendance were the African presidents, leaders and delegates at the United Nations Summit, 70th Session, in New York this year.

The Fund has been in existence for more than 70 years. Such experience and knowledge have put the Fund a step ahead in delivering good service to its members. Although the awards are a good indicator of the NJMPF’s performance, it is rewarding when this performance is translated into real benefits for members.

The NJMPF will continue to strive for best practices in the retirement industry as we acknowledge that a pension fund has the responsibility to safeguard members’ futures.