Edition: Dec 2014 - Feb 2015


SAPO strikes Today's Trustee

Please help with e-mail addresses for electronic distribution

With each quarterly edition, TT spends over R80 000 with the SA Post Office for the mailing of hard-copy magazines to our database of mainly principal officers and trustees of retirement funds.

So long as SAPO delivers, the R80 000 is well spent. Major effort and expense is put into continuous updating of the database to ensure that it remains current and that deliveries can be effected predominantly to individuals’ PO Boxes.

In the past, this system has worked well. Hard copies are preferred by many readers and we've been able to use the postal returns for updating the database. We've also been fortunate in that, by sheer chance, editions of the past 12 months were posted and delivered prior to any of the major SAPO strikes.

With this edition, however, it's different. We were unable to obtain an assurance that there is a reasonable possibility of copies posted on schedule during the last week of November being delivered by SAPO before the December holidays. Given the backlog faced by SAPO from the three-month strike, and the additional pre-Christmas seasonal load, the best to be hoped is delivery in January.

Under the circumstances, our immediate priority is to expand our e-mail database. At present we have over 11 000 e-mail records. To include those for whom we have only postal addresses, we’re now looking for another 2 500. There is no charge to recipients and their confidentiality is respected.

Introye, our database manager, has been chasing individuals’ e-mail addresses. If you are uncertain about whether we have yours, it would help enormously if you send relevant details to todaystrustee@introye.com. These records will be used for prompt distribution of future TT editions electronically, irrespective of what happens with SAPO.

Yours in frustration and appreciation
21 November 2014