Issue: December 08/February 09
First National Bank

Get Smart and improve your Triple Bottom Line

Being a fund Manager or Trustee brings duties. Acting with due care means that you have to take great care to ensure your members' interests are protected. In fact, you need to run the Fund's affairs better than you would your own! You employ professionals to help you with your private affairs so why not use First National Bank's (FNB) expertise to help your Fund Members boost their retirement planning with a home of their own.

The fiduciary expected of a Fund Manager or Trustee means that you need to put the needs of of the Fund above anything else. Ensuring that your fund is well run and managed, and that the members get the benefits that they expect at retirement is crucial. However, imaging how much better it would be if you could provide your members with immediate benefits that improve their quality of life in a sustainable manner.

One of the greatest assets that anyone can have at retirement is a home of their own. But, for many South Africans, this has previously not been possible. Now you can unlock the potential of the money held by your trust to help your Fund Members purchase, build their own home or improve their existing home, ensuring they build an asset base well before retirement.

The FNB Smart Housing Plan Loan is a pension or provident-backed loan. It is available solely for housing related purposes and has helped a large sector of the population gain access to housing finance. The product is fully compliant with legislation and is professionally run by FNB's experts, creating a proactive solution for Funds with a real desire to provide immediate and viable benefits for their members.

For more information on this product and how it can help you in your duties as a Fund Manager or Trustee, please contact us at 0860 76 22 78 or via e-mail at and enquire how FNB can help you and your Fund Members.