Issue: September/November 09
Liberty Corporate

Award winning Trustee Training with Investment Wise and Liberty Corporate

Award winning Trustee Training with Investment Wise and Liberty Corporate

Trustees have been under added pressure ever since changes in retirement fund legislation and practices have been enforced. With these added obligations, Trustees are now more so than ever before required to be vigilant and knowledgeable so that they are in a position to act in the best interests of the fund.

Left to Right
Wanjiru Karrim (POA), Joanne Miller (Director – InvestmentWise) Alex Beveridge (Global Pensions Fund UK)

Since January 1998 Pension Funds Adjudicators have highlighted the need for Trustees to be aware of their fiduciary duties to avoid liability in the event of maladministration of their funds. It is also common knowledge that PF 130 requires all boards of Trustees to put in place a documented code of conduct which outlines their duties and obligations, a fund-specific investment policy statement and a communication strategy to members.

To support Trustees, who can only benefit from proper training, Liberty Corporate has engaged the services of InvestmentWise as their preferred training service provider. InvestmentWise, an INSETA accredited, independent body, was recently awarded the “Training Provider of the Year 2009” Imbasa Yegolide Award by the Principal Officers Association and Global Pensions UK (POA). This is further encouragement that Liberty Corporate and Trustees are guaranteed the highest standard of support and proficiency.

The Course

Our Trustees take part in a three day comprehensive course which is aimed at both incumbent and aspirant trustees who require training in order to meet their fiduciary duties. The course is not intended to turn Trustees into retirement fund experts. It is designed to provide them with sufficient insight into their responsibilities and duties. With a maximum of 15 delegates per course we ensure that the sessions are manageable, interactive and meaningful to all concerned.

The Content

Some of the topics that the course covers in detail relate to Group Retirement Funds – explaining what a Retirement Fund is and how the different types of funds work. Industry regulations and fund benefits are also highlighted in this section. Specific aspects of retirement fund law and practice are explained through case studies, which are designed to give the delegates a clear understanding of how the legal and technical aspects fit into the practical realities that Trustees are faced with.

The role of Trustees is clarified and explained; the purpose for having Trustees, how they are elected and the responsibilities of being a Trustee. Good governance and ethical standards of practice form the basis of the Fund Governance education.


If you and / or your fund’s Trustees are interested in attending the course, please contact Mary Hutchison ( Mary will be happy to supply further details and a registration form.


R2 600 per delegate (excluding VAT)

Training dates and venues for 2009:

Month Dates Venue
August 25, 26, 27 Astrotech Conference Centre - Johannesburg
September 21, 22, 23 Astrotech Conference Centre - Johannesburg
October 27, 28 ,29 Astrotech Conference Centre - Johannesburg
November 17, 18, 19 Astrotech Conference Centre - Johannesburg

Please Note: If you have a group of 10 or more trustees, training will take place at a venue close to your offices.

The sessions start at 09h00 and end at 16h30

Unit Standard Based

The course comprises three consecutive days (two days facilitation and one day for the assessment). This course is aligned with the following unit standards and provides learners with nationally recognised credits.

SAQA ID No SAQA Title of Unit Standard/s Level Credits
123416 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the individual’s basic rights and responsibilities under a retirement fund 1 1
123420 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding the role and of responsibilities of Trustee of retirement funds 3 2
123419 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the duties of Trustees and retirement funds with regards to death benefits 3 2

For queries regarding the course content contact

Mary Hutchison
Tel. (011) 408 3082
Fax (011) 408 3987